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A word of advice fellow Frothers, if you have people who constantly criticize you and make you feel worthless and rejected, get rid of such people from your life. Such individuals are like cancer and don’t belong anywhere near you.

When you surround yourself with positive, ambitious people who have a clear vision and set goals, their energy and influence becomes infectious and  you end up feeding of each other. The end result is people operating as a collective tuned into one single frequency.

In early 2017, I created Friends Of Froth on Facebook – A group where like minded Beer Geeks, Beer Drinkers, Brewers & Brewery owners can co-exist and share about Beer.

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This next section below, is where  I feature friends in the blogging community, those who have inspired me and fellow entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs that are willing to push the envelope and do something radical!


Special Mentions


Chef Sher

You would have often in the past seen me drinking beer with this gentleman. He knows his Beer and we’ve done workshops together but there is more to his story!

Cher at Social

Chef Sher is from Bruges, a coastal city in Northern Belgium and is a professional Chef De Cuisine, a chocolatier, beer and wine sommelier.

Sher was born in Bruges and briefly lived in New Delhi, India with his parents before moving back to Belgium where he was raised and completed his education. Sher holds a diploma in Economics and European languages. His foray into the restaurant/hospitality business began with summer internships at local eateries where his passion for cooking grew.

He has worked in numerous hotels, restaurants, pubs, youth-hostels gaining valuable experience along the way and put himself through culinary school at Ter Groene Poorte where he gained the title of Chef.

After working for a few years, Chef Sher went on to run Republiek, a cocktail lounge/bistro in Bruges. Along the journey, a love for desserts and chocolates was born. Home experiments lead to the creation of new desserts and chocolate fillings.

Chef Sher
Chef Sher – Making Pralines

Like any entrepreneur, he has always been ambitious and adventurous. He spent considerable time traveling around Europe, South East and South Asia. Most of his time was spent traveling throughout India and this is sparked his affection for the country. It was on one such trip in 2014 that the idea of setting up a retail chocolate unit in India came into being.

On his return to Belgium, he decided to take a risk and leave the restaurant business and follow his dream of being a chocolatier in India. Bangalore with its higher elevation, mild, dry climate is perfect for making chocolate and this would be the perfect location for his business.

He had hoped to produce hand crafted authentic Belgian pralines using ingredients imported from Belgium. These pralines will be first sold across outlets in Bangalore and later to other cities in India.

Several mass produced chocolates and locally made chocolates are made using compounded chocolate. Compounded chocolate substitutes cocoa butter with cheaper ingredients such as vegetable fat and sweeteners along with cocoa. Belgian chocolate on the other hand is made by using over 50% cocoa and cocoa butter and sugar with no added artificial ingredients.

Chef Sher’s hand crafted pralines will have the following composition:

  • Dark Chocolate – over 50% cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar.
  • Milk Chocolate – over 30% cocoa, cocoa butter, milk powder and sugar.
  • White chocolate – 28% cocoa butter, milk powder and sugar.

The Cocoa and Cocoa butter are blended in Belgium from various cocoa plantations around the world. Each praline can be customized with a variety of fillings.

Bangalore is fortunate to have its first authentic Belgian chocolaterie run by a Belgian.


Update – Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for Sher and he has since returned to Bruges.

If you’d like to get in touch with him for advice on chocolate or Beer, please contact him.

For more details, please contact Chef Sher:

Email: [email protected] |


George Jacob – The Beer Chronicles

George Jacob

It’s always great to meet fellow Craft Beer Enthusiasts. Say hello to another Beer blogger in Bangalore! I met George last month at Toit for a few pints and are good friends now. Cheers mate!

George is a home brewer and craft beer aficionado currently based out of Bangalore, India. He has been brewing for over a decade, after first being introduced to craft brews during a visit to Oxford. George tasted a Vienna Lager brewed by a friend, and he was hooked. From that day on, George has made it his solemn duty to visit every micro brewery, and drink every craft beer, in every city he visits. Having travelled and lived all over the globe, he has had ample opportunity to follow his passion.

George’s day job is as the head of the Geospatial mapping division of a MNC, where he handles the mapping operations for the company. When he isn’t mapping something, he is out drinking or brewing. George started his career in 1999, in Bangalore. Since then he has lived, worked and travelled in the US, UK, Romania, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Africa, The Middle East and India.

George hopes to convert this passion into a career in brewing and to that end is working towards attaining a Brew master’s degree. He has achieved some certifications from Cicerone and The Institute of Brewing & Distilling. He says that he wants to spread the word and love of craft beer to everybody he meets, and one of his ways of achieving this via  his website, where he does what he can to demystify the history, science, and technology behind beer.

George has since gone on to do a professional brewing course at Brewlab and is now a full time pro consultant brewer running a team of brewers across projects in India.

Proud of you George! Please contact him for brewing services and consulting. Don’t forget to mention that you read about him right here on Tales Of Froth! Thanks!

The Beer Chronicles

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