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If you travel frequently and have your breakfasts at your hotel, I’m sure you are fed up of breakfast buffets at hotels. For me personally, it’s waking up early from deep sleep only to be told that I have half an hour to rush for breakfast.  The nature of the work I do and other professionals in the AlcoBev space mostly involves late nights and hence we rarely do early mornings.

The Grand Mercure Bangalore has come up with a brand new Breakfast menu available daily that addresses this issue. Breakfast runs from 6am to 10:30 am but and there’s a but, you can pre-order your breakfast from a wonderful prix fixe menu before you sheepishly make your way down to devour your selection.


Recently, the hotel invited me to check out the new breakfast menu along with a few other well know food/lifestyle bloggers. Yes, I do occasionally do go and check out food tasting events. You’ll find some of my reviews on Google or on Zomato. My mother is well travelled and I decided to take her along to see what she thought of the selection, as well.


The Setting

Before we get into the menu and the tasting notes, the outdoor setting at the 12th Main Restaurant is absolutely breathtaking, serene and in short gorgeous. Plenty of foliage and flowing water adds to the serenity and if you like Japanese Koi fish, you’ll find a school of Koi posing for photographs!


The staff at the hotel made sure we had a well laid out table complete with fresh flowers placed evenly across.


Menu Selection

Where: 12th Main Restaurant, When: Daily from 6:00am to 10:30am

Executive Chef, Gopal Jha, has always had a keen interest in the guests’ preference and taste and is always creating, customizing and presenting unique dishes according to the guests’ likeness. One such result of extensive research and experience as a chef are these mouth-watering breakfast dishes.

Chef Jha walking us through the new menu

There are 14 dishes to choose from however, this is not your typical mundane, predictable breakfast spread but instead a set of specially curated dishes by Chef Jha.

I did try a sizeable portion of a few of the dishes below and took small bites of the rest. There’s only so much one can eat since the portions are generous and I assure you that some of you may want to bring a partner or friend along to share these with!

Californian Breakfast Benedict

Brioche slice, wilted spinach with nutmeg, tomato slice, avocado, poached egg, hollandaise sauce, potato rosti, seasonal fruits.


*12th Main Club 

Multigrain bread, gruyere cheese, ham slice, Sauerkraut, white and dark shitake, potato ham & egg mustard salad, tomato confit.


Minute Steak with Baked Beans

Slice buffalo tenderloin. Roasted apple wedges, baked bean, croissant, boiled half egg, grilled button mushroom, fried basil leaf, rosemary red wine jus.


Devils on Horseback

Bacon wrapped pork sausage & prunes, fried egg, cranberry sauce, pesto & cheese potato wedges, slice of brioche loaf.


Seafood Rock filler

Savory tart of mix seafood mixed with mornay sauce, mix lettuce with honey mustard dressing, phyllo fruit bowl.

5-seafood rock filler.jpg

Quesadillas with Pica De Galo

Wedges of bean, pepper, onion, jalapeno quesadillas, topped with pico de gallo salsa, guacamole and sour cream accompanied with potato wedges & sunny side up egg.

6-quesadillas with pica de galo.jpg

*Cheesy Italian Breakfast Bowl

A cheesy omelet with Italian sausage, peppers, and onion, baked inside a bread bowl.

7-cheesy italian breakfast bowl.jpg

Bagels at 12th main

Pulled pork with apple slaw and tomato paprika, scrambled eggs and thyme, & paprika beef with a fresh tomato salsa and homemade hot sauce.


Morning Greed

Open sandwich, piled high with smashed mint peas, ricotta, smoked salmon caper berry & sour cream.


Spanish omlette with nachos & spicy salsa

Potato, pepper & onion egg cake served with nachos, spicy salsa & cheese dip.


*South Indian tiffin

Assortment of South Indian delicacies accompanied with three chutneys & sambar.


North Indian tiffin

Assortment of north Indian delicacies accompanied with sabji, pickle & curd.

12-north indian tiffin.jpg

Granola with nuts, fruits & baked yoghurt

Honey roasted oats & corn flakes served with baked yoghurt, fruits & mix nuts.


Tower Pancake or Waffles

Slow cooked shaped cake served with seasonal fruits, maple syrup & ice cream.

My Recommendations

(Marked with an * above)

The portion sizes are extremely generous and you’ve really got to decide what type of breakfast you want to have – do you want to go the fruit/granola/package/waffle route or indulge in something closer to a main course on a lunch menu or a sandwich?

I like going against the norm and love a good sandwich at breakfast. My favorite dish has to be the 12th Main Club – it’s breakfast in a sandwich and really can’t go wrong with melted Gruyere cheese (next to Emmental happens to be my favorite) along with ham, shitake mushrooms, sauerkraut and an egg salad – this medley works for me! It’s a little clumsy to eat, so pick a corner table and just devour this beast.

My time in North America ensured my weakness for Bagels. That being said, I did like the Bagels at 12th Main but found it a tad bit messy to eat and the sheer quantity of ingredients makes it tedious to combine all the flavors . I hope the Chef re-does this one and reduces them to a point where you can see the ingredients working in harmony with one another. That being said, this has to be my second favorite of the lot.

My last pick would be the Cheesy Italian Breakfast Bowl . Bread bowls are nostalgic, wholesome and when combined with eggs, Italian sausage, peppers and onions make for an excellent breakfast option.

Putting the top 3 dishes above aside, I must give due credit to the South Indian Tiffin – you just cannot remove the South out of me and nothing craves your morning hunger pangs better than a traditional South Indian Breakfast – you know what I’m talking about folks!

What if you want something else on the side? All of you have to do is to ask and you shall receive. The staff here are extremely attentive and will be happy to pick out items from the regular buffet menu, if required.

I asked for a plate of crispy bacon and voila!


If you’re wondering where the BEER is, don’t you worry. The bar at the restaurant opens at 11am and there are a few local and imported Beers to choose from. White Owl’s Wit, The Spark, with its citrus and spice notes worked well with breakfast.


Overall, you really can’t go wrong with any of the dishes from the new menu and coming in at under a 1,000 Rupees including the various taxes, this scrumptious, wholesome breakfast is well worth your money.

Thank You

I attend quite a few food events and normally they follow the set routine but the staff here and the experience really made a difference. Yes, I’m aware that we were “special” guests and everyone would have been on their best behavior but the fact that they were extremely flexible and accommodative is proof of excellent training.

What we really appreciated was the Ryan Aranha (Hotel Manager), Rahul Jadhav (Director of Sales & Marketing) and  Gopal Jha (Executive Chef) for taking time out of their busy schedules to spend time with us. Thank you Nikhita Shetty (Marketing) for looking after us and co-ordinating the entire event. My mum was impressed with the service and the food, might I add!

Thank you for the goodie bag, as well. The cookies disappeared fairly quickly, the coffee mug is now at the breakfast table and the luggage tag is going with me on my travels. The handwritten note was a nice touch.

Cheers & Stay Frothy!

JJ The Keg

The Grand Mercure

GM Bangalore Rooms.jpg

Situated in a quite area of bustling Koramangala, the hotel has 126 suites to choose from. You’ll have to visit to really experience how quite and peaceful the location is. Each room has a kitchenette and balcony amongst other features and from their website, the rooms look spacious and well appointed.  It will be interesting to choose this hotel for a staycation one of these days!

Address/Contact Details

12th Main, 3rd Block, Koramangala, 560034 Bangalore, India
Phone: +91-80-4512 1212 – Fax: +91-80-4512 1213

Google Maps: 




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All Excerpts/Images Courtesy: The Grand Mercure Bangalore & Tales Of Froth


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